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Yeti mushroom strain is a psilocybe strain that is rare, but very high in demand amongst psychonauts for their potency thanks to their high concentration of psilocybin. These exotic mushrooms are a variant of True Albino Teacher mushrooms, although many confuse it with Penis Envy mushrooms due to their original penis-shaped structure. They are very striking mushrooms with a thick body, fleshy white trunk, and bluish tones showcasing their high concentration of psilocyin and psilocybin.

Yeti Mushroom Strain Review

Yeti mushrooms are considered one of the most powerful varieties of magic mushrooms on the planet. The effects are very visual, in the style of the Golden Teacher but with greater power and duration. Introspection can be very intense so having a sober caregiver is highly recommended!

Yeti Mushroom Review

They  (yeti mushrooms) are morphologically similar to True Albino Teachers. However, most cultivators report that Yeti shrooms have a significantly lighter color, with caps that often feature a yellow or gold tint that True Albino Teachers lack. Like the True Albino Teacher strain, Yeti is also a true albino strain and not leucistic like some other strains with “albino” misleadingly included in the name.

Yeti Mushroom Strain Specs

Potency Above Average 💪
Cultivation Beginner
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Substrate Recommendation Rye Grain or Brown Rice Flour
Cost $
Sold By Sporeslab, Hidden Forest Mushroom Spores

Yeti Mushroom Potency & Psilocybin Content

Yeti mushroom strain are considered well above average in terms of psilocybin and psilocin potency.

Out of no less than 7 separate samples sent for analysis, the average psilocybin and psilocin concentration are around 0.88% and 0.13%, respectively. The total tryptamine average is 1.14%.

The strongest of the samples submitted contained 1.56% total tryptamines (dried weight).

These shrooms are very strong. The average Psilocybe cubensis strain holds somewhere between 0.5% and 1% tryptamines total. So the Yeti strain can achieve nearly 50% more potency than the average cubensis.

Some experts believe the key to achieving Yeti’s maximum potency involves keeping them in complete darkness throughout the grow cycle.

The yeti magic mushrooms  is even stronger than it’s parent strain — True Albino Teacher — which only contains an average of 0.87% tryptamines.

Growing Yeti Mushrooms: How to Grow Yeti Shrooms

Growing yeti mushrooms is a lot like growing the True Albino Teacher and Golden Teacher strains. Yeti shrooms are a forgiving strain that develops well even in suboptimal conditions, making it a great choice for new and aspiring mycologists. Yeti shrooms also mature relatively quickly, making them resistant to mold and fungal invasions.

Online forums like Reddit and Shroomery are full of cultivation reports indicating that Yeti spores do well in average temperatures of 15–21ºC (60–70 ºF) and average humidity.

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For more information about cultivating Yeti and other magic mushroom strains, check out this comprehensive shroom growing guide.


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24 reviews for Yeti Mushroom Strain

  1. Dena

    Overall great product, more of a Melo experience.

  2. Syreeta

    Good quality nice blend of caps and steam.

  3. Jodi

    No noticable difference in any of the claims.

  4. Tawanna

    Great product…great service..keep smiling

  5. Roseanna

    Great quality!! Must try for beginners

  6. Sarah

    Very chill and lots of laughs, I had a great time with my boyfriend

  7. Angelika

    My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find many of your products to be exactly what I’m looking for.
    Your shipping is great, your prices are fantastic and this ride was rockabilly..see ya soon!

  8. Gertie

    I’m on them right now, trying to find more info. Fucking amazing shroom. Did 2g’s, nothing too intense just beautiful. Tasty to eat also.

  9. Caleb Vandermate

    Excellent customer service..quick response to emails! Discreet packaging. Very happy with the product! Mushrooms did their trick!

  10. Leandra

    I purchased this strain and just tested out 1 gram not expecting much and had the most colorful visuals of my entire life. Colors bleeding into others and intense euphoria. Makes me not want to eat anything else but these. Thanks will order again

  11. Adam

    I recommend this product
    Potent Mushroom
    The only reason I give this review a 4 star is because there was no whole mushrooms. The order had 3 caps and half dozen stems( I prefer whole mushrooms) but this strain of mushroom is potent and is one to recommend for purchase. I’ll order again.

  12. Leilani

    Good product. Fast delivery

  13. Merrill

    Helped me greatly.
    Excellent customer service..quick response to emails! Discreet packaging. Very happy with the product! Mushrooms did their trick!

  14. Willa

    Quick and easy purchase and very fast delivery, it arrived the next day.
    Delivery was not damaged, the original packaging wasn’t damaged either. Lightly recommend!

  15. Katherin

    Can’t help but laugh while on these shrooms. Such a fun time and that was just 1g

  16. Moises

    The product is always reliable and I use it for psychedelic therapy. Very gentle on the stomach and really good and insightful trips

  17. Selena

    I took two grams of this product for a therapeutic and spiritual experience. The effects were very intense and beneficial. I was not at all disappointed. I was very pleased with what I received. Had I taken this product for recreational purposes, I certainly would not have been disappointed either. Shipping was fast and the price is very reasonable. I will definitely be a return customer.

  18. Leah

    Really nice high

  19. Gita

    Arrived as described!

  20. Noah

    These is just a good time. They make every fun and leave me with a very good vibe.

  21. joe

    First time purchasing Shrooms online. The process was flawless and my package arrived in 4 days. Tried about 3 grams with laughter and enthusiasm following. 2 days later I consumed about 4 grams with almost no effect. After a bit of research it was probably user error. I did not know that you needed to wait 7-14 days between trips. I’ll certainly be waiting and look forward to the next opportunity to participate.

    I would HIGHLY recommend giving this company a try:)

  22. Beatris

    Psychedelics are just an amazing discovery. It’s quite fascinating how effective they are for depression and stress..saved my life.

  23. Paige

    So i should probably contact them and keave an amazing review in hopes they send me free packages lol.
    Could you describe the body feel to it? Or the mind feel? Ive seen so many different experiences to what people say they feel.

  24. Chang

    Blastin off to the moon while your wife casually cleans in the back is too funny. Will order again.

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