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The Malabar mushroom strain was originally sourced from the southwestern Malabar Coast of India, and is renowned for producing fruiting bodies (mushrooms) of enormous size! (our record for largest malabar magic mushrooms was just over 1lb wet!!)

Malabar Coast Mushrooms Effects

It is a moderately potent strain similar in effect to Transkei, a socially stimulating and energetic experience. Effects include feelings of euphoria, love, uncontrollable laughter, bodily vibration, and light visual hallucination.

Malabar Coast Mushroom Review

Its visual charasteristics often consist of dense, thick stems and large broad gold/light yellow caps. Caps are usually darker near the centre, fading towards the edge. It has moderate sporulation, and is a heavy yielding strain with pinsets often covering the entire mycelial mat.

The malabar mushroom strain is a sought-after Indian Psilocybe cubensis strain capable of producing monster shrooms. Some home cultivators have grown mushrooms that weigh as much as 250 grams fresh, and cultivators at Sporeslab have reported fruits weighing over one pound (453 grams) wet.

Appearance-wise, Malabar India mushrooms aren’t much to look at unless they reach enormous sizes. They have golden brown caps and long, white, moderately thick stems associated with “a typical cube.”

Overall, this is a well-rounded strain that new and experienced cultivators enjoy. Let’s find out more about it.

The Malabar Coast Mushrooms Specs:

Potency Above Average
Cultivation Beginner
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Substrate Recommendation Rye Grain
Cost $$
Sold By Ralphsters Spores, Sporeworks, Sporeslab, Spores 101,

Malabar Coast Mushroom Potency & Psilocybin Content

As with most strains, potency can vary drastically from one shroom to the next. However, we’ve rated this one “above average” — capable of producing between 0.90% and 1.80% total tryptamines.

From three samples entered into the Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup, we’ve discovered that this strain produces an average psychedelic tryptamine level of 0.90%.

One sample entered into the Spring 2021 Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup produced a psilocybin level of 0.90% and a psilocin level of 0.07% — 1.14% total tryptamines.

This strain is comparable to the Chitwan strain, the Amazonian strain, and Melmac in terms of potency.

You can expect vivid visual distortions, an intense body high, and deep introspection from a three-gram dose.

How to Grow Malabar Mushrooms

This strain is easy to cultivate and great for beginners — it has contamination-resistant qualities and can grow in an unoptimized environment.

The mycelium is aggressive, and colonization times are relatively short — completely colonizing rye grain-filled jars in as little as 10 days after inoculation. Mushroom production can be prolific, with several dense flushes possible before the mycelium eventually succumbs to mold growth.

Malabar India is a heavy sporulator and produces blooms of thick, dark spores during maturity. However, its veils remain connected to the cap through maturity — locking its spores within. This feature makes malabar coast magic mushroom easy to harvest before they drop spores and easy to obtain spore samples from.

The best substrate for this strain is rye grain, but you can also get good results with BRF cakes — a mixture of brown rice flour, water, and vermiculite.

Growing Malabar mushrooms is easy with a cultivation method known as PF Tek, which requires very little knowledge or equipment and is easy for beginners.

To learn how to grow magic mushrooms using this technique, check out this article: How to Grow Magic Mushrooms.


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