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Wonka bar is the sweetest and creamiest candy bar in the world. wonka bar edibles are made from a blend of wonka bars strain or wonka oil with some hot chocolate inspired by the novels willy wonka & the chocolate factory. Willy Wonka bars have around 22% THC and is best held for marijuana purchasers with high THC tolerance level making it a popular choice among medical marijuana users looking to relieve symptoms associated with deppresion, stress and chronic anxiety.

15 reviews for Wonka Bar Edible

  1. joe

    I just subbed. I’ve had these (and still have a few left!) and felt pretty trippy. I mix them with delta 8 products and get some pretty crazy effects. At the onset, they do make my stomach feel very weird. Afterwards, though, it’s like time, space, and location are all fluctuating lmao. I definitely recommend taking at least 2 squares of them because that’s what it takes to make me feel it. Thanks man. I haven’t seen anyone else review them. I’ll be sure to try their gummies! Definitely not an everyday thing, though

  2. Vanita

    LOVE this shop!!! Best products!! Fast shipping!

  3. Trudi

    Perfect, exactly as pictured! Thankyou!

  4. Nereida

    I had a VERY nice Journey!
    Probably the most chilled out I’ve ever felt in my life, but also curious and introspective. Had some visual effects which was really cool. Greatly enhanced my music listening experience. Works fast, long lasting. Tasted great too!

  5. Arden

    Absolutely stunning, exactly what I needed

  6. Lindsay

    I recently tried them for the 1st time I absolutely LOVE THEMMMM! Imma 0rder more chocolate bar today

  7. Bradly

    These were great. Never did any form of Shrooms in my life. Just a lot of pot over the years. My brother has used real ones in the past which is why he recommended these to me. I ate 5 sqrs for my first time and It hit me very nicely. I was staring at my wallpaper for my PC for like 30 minutes. Everything was so vibrant, it was moving it was really cool. It lasted about an hour, at least the peak, I’d say another hour or so for the comedown. I ordered more, next time I wanna try 10 of them and see where it takes me.

  8. Kristen

    The dosage directions are so helpful! Tried a couple squares and had a really relaxing time walking around in nature. Felt all my senses a little heightened, but nothing too overwhelming. Just present and able to really appreciate my surroundings. Can’t wait to try more!

  9. Fallon

    So I orders the free sample the three chocolate squares cause I been feeling really depressed and down well I was skeptical at first but man Russell is the homie you can trust these people 100% It got rid of my depression and made me stop thc all together that’s how I got that money sold the thc stuff its literally so trippy I took it at first was only feeling a high but soon as I go to take a walk vibrant bright colors happiness and wanting to explore nature more then anything do not hesitate there legit

  10. Lynette

    I ordered some chocolates how many would you say to feel anything?

  11. Christian

    i thought these were shit until i took two packs and had a whole existential crisis, im buying more of these

  12. Deborah

    They are so amazing purchased mine from their website delivery was so easy and smooth, thanks

  13. Robt

    I ate about 5 pieces 30 or so min ago and let me tell you…I’M FLOATING and my head is tingling…..that’s a funny word, tingling

    Don’t eat more than 3 pieces 5 is way too much. Started this message about an hour ago…now shit is echoing …

    …5 pieces way too much

  14. Leigh

    i got mine delivered to me from this store. It’s my first time trying this and it’s working for me.😊

  15. Vada

    Well packaged, prompt delivery and I like that there are ice blocks included.

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