Mmelt Mushroom Aminata 4g Chocolate Bar 10CT/Pk

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Take a bite of one of these delicious chocolates, and watch your world mmelt!

Mmelt Amanita Muscaria chocolates are currently the highest potency chocolate boasting 4000mg of active ingredients per bar.

It can be split into ten pieces, each piece containing roughly 400mg of Amanita Muscaria Extract.

3 reviews for Mmelt Mushroom Aminata 4g Chocolate Bar 10CT/Pk

  1. Heather

    Mailed with Love- also delicious~!

    They arrived carefully and lovingly packaged in ice! I sent my mom some of these in Texas and was scared the hot weather would melt them and was soooo happy to hear they sent those chocolates with love. Mom went ahead and dug in, she says the are D E L I C I O U S.

  2. RoyG

    Will order again!

    Took two weeks for delivery. But it was worth the wait.

    Needless to say the product is great.

    What was more impressive was the packaging.
    The box of candy came in a big box entirely wrapped in carton. paper and recycable ice bags.

    Very impressive!!!!!

    Will order again

  3. mike hart

    Description of each chocolate

    Gift for my wife she loves them. She says she loves the discriptiin of each chocolate it makes selecting her next bite that much more enjoyable. Her words verbatim.

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