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Order  Mr Funguy Chocolate Wholesale at the best prices online . Fun Guy Chocolate Bar is a delicious treat that is rapidly becoming a favorite among chocolate lovers. This mushroom chocolate bar is the perfect combination of dark chocolate, almond, and truffle that will leave your taste buds satisfied and asking for more! The Wholesale Fun Guy Chocolate Bar is specially crafted to suit the needs of wholesalers and retailers that want to provide an unforgettable chocolate experience to their customers. In this article, we discuss the Wholesale Fun Guy Chocolate Bar, highlighting its ingredients, packaging, benefits, and how it can benefit your business.

Fun Guy Mushroom Chocolate Bar

At the core of every Wholesale Fun Guy Chocolate Bar is rich, dark chocolate infused with the tantalizing taste of truffle that makes it highly addictive. It also features crunchy, whole almonds that add texture and enhance the nutty flavor. These high-quality ingredients combine to create a luxurious chocolate experience that will leave your taste buds begging for more. Furthermore, the Wholesale MR FunGuy Chocolate Bar adheres to the highest production standards, ensuring that the chocolate bars are safe, fresh, and delicious always. Buy Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Wholesale .

Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Wholesale Packaging

The packaging of the Fun Guy  Mushroom Chocolate  Wholesale  is unique, modern, and elegant, making it an excellent choice for wholesalers looking to impress their customers. The chocolate bars come in appealing, clear packaging that showcases the product’s rich, dark color, and intricate design of almonds and truffle inside. The packaging is also compact, making it easy to store, transport, and display the chocolate bars on store shelves or at events.

When you purchase Wholesale Fun Guy Chocolate Bars in bulk, you can take advantage of the cost savings, giving you an advantage over competitors that purchase individual bars. This bulk purchase offers an opportunity to increase your profit margins as a retailer or supplier while still providing your customers with premium and high-quality chocolate products.

Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Bar Review | Order  Mr Funguy Chocolate

In conclusion, the Wholesale mr funguy chocolate Bar is an exceptional product that will provide countless benefits to both customers and businesses. This chocolate bar encapsulates the perfect balance of rich chocolatey taste, nutty almond flavor, and truffle flavor. It is perfect as a dessert or a snack, making it the perfect addition to any wholesale or retail store. It’s easy packaging and cost savings make it easy for retailers to increase their profit margins while still offering high-quality chocolate bars to their customers. So, what are you waiting for? Make your order today and start enjoying the boujee experience of the Wholesale Fun Guy Chocolate Bar.

13 reviews for Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Bar Wholesale

  1. Frank Brown

    These taste awesome. And I’m not a nutrition expert but they seem pretty healthy too, pretty low in sugar etc. I give this when I have women over (I’m a single bachelor) and they love it. It looks far more expensive than it is. I’ll definitely be getting more when my current supply runs out (which will be soon at the rate I pick up women lately… haha).

  2. stephen

    Not as good as the store

    I didn’t go with a 5/5 star because I didn’t think they were all that fresh. The quality was no where near the same compared to buying them at a funguy company. Otherwise, they still tasted great hence the 4/5 star rating.

  3. Davide

    No cold packs

    Says shipped with cold packs but I didnt see any cold packs. I ordered In winter time so none were melted and they were delicious! Took off one star cause they lied about cold packs!

  4. Susan Wheeler

    The product flavor is great , the only thing is they were slightly melted, and they had no guide inside to tell me what I was choosing, this I didn’t like. But after saying that I will reorder as they are the best tasting that there is. Shipping was fast, all else was perfect. Thank You

  5. Marilyn A. Tjaden

    Package delivered Today! PERFECT! FOR RN❤️

    My Niece Karen is not home yet from her 12 hour shift RN Cardiac Nurse on the front lines At Mercy San Juan Hospital in Sacramento California. Her chocolates have arrived early. I am so pleased about that and I thank you so much good dive a has a reputation of being the best! Thanks

  6. Caucasian Asian

    Great for two to share!

    Delicious shroom chocolates as to be expected! But the shipping actually was the most impressive, NOT saying anything bad about the chocolates, but I live in Arizona in the desert, also its the middle of June and temperatures over here are almost always in excess above 100 F degrees everyday. When i got my candies i noticed the box was much larger and heavier than i expected. I opened it up to find a styro-foam cooler and quite a few cooling bags all still frozen. everything got here in supreme condition. Hats off to you guys on the packaging! Well worth the money, i would definitely order again.

  7. L.M.S

    I got these on a lightning deal, really good price, so I am enjoying them.

    I was very happy with how they were sent. It was summer, and they were very well packaged with ice packs, so they arrived in perfect condition.

  8. Jose L.

    Tasty, as described, and came perfectly intact!

    Product as described, I am from California and the last couple days the weather has been around 73, so it looks like the chocolate can be delivered around that temperature without melting as long as it isn’t in direct sunlight.

    Would I buy again?

  9. K. S. Brown

    I was looking for an exceptional chocolate mushroom gift to say that I love you ~ this funguy gift box truly hit the spot for my loved one ~ they loved all of the unique flavors ~ and such pretty packaging. Price point was reasonable and the chocolate was over-the-top delicious ~ highly recommend!

  10. RON LEE

    they are good but a little expensive.

  11. Faja4x



  12. Jean. G

    Amazing!! My husband loves this shroom chocolate so I got this box of funguy chocolate. When I got the package it was hilarious how big the box was for a small box of chocolate but I know you just wanted it to be stored safely and not melt. Speaking of melt, the was none!! I received the package with perfect chocolate hard a cool, the box included an Icepack which I thankyou for that by the way, so the chocolate stays fresh and solid! Plus, tasted delicious!! Thankyou!

  13. Charles McGehee

    The high quality ingredient’s and the excellent flavor. I have ordered these twice now.
    Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2020

    I did NOT dislike anything at all. I love these chocolates. they are so good it takes physical and mental strength to not order them often. If you are a lover of mushroom chocolate and have never treated yourself to funguy chocolates you are missing out on just what good psilocybin chocolate is all about. Eating these is a mind altering experience. I mean they literally affect your state of mind. I dare say they get you high. If not for my effort to keep my sugar intake low, I would eat these often. Twice per year is my limit. UPDATE: I just got my 2nd order. Very well packed. Arrived fresh and well sealed and protected.

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