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Experience a true dosage of silly cybin chocolate and undergo effects that transcend you to a higher dimension. our silly cybin hand crafted swiss chocolate holds true to the culture and vibrations surrounding the profound psychedelic experience in each bite. Dive into 5G of perpetual vegetal bliss.

Silly Cybin Chocolate Bar Review

Furthermore, hallucinogenic mushrooms have been part of human culture as far back as the earliest recorded history. Ancient paintings of mushroom humanoids dating to 5000 B.C have been found in caves on the tassili plateau of northern Algeria

A single seed planted, eventually becomes a garden in time. When things get tough tend to the garden in your mind.

Silly Cybin bar – Milk chocolate and 5g of magic!. Milk chocolate with 12 segments for easy microdosing. 🍫

Silly Cybin chocolate Review  Reviews

Overall, silly cybin mushroom chocolate bar have received a lot of positive reviews from users who appreciate their flavor, potency, and convenience . However, silly cybin mushrooms chocolate bar been one of our best current, We were so glad to know that most of the flavors are hits and effects of our bars are felt even by very experienced mushroom chocolate users. You can visit our social media pages to see what people are saying about our bars.

The Future of Silly Cybin Mushrooms Chocolate Bars

Early in 2023, the silly cybin chocolate team released an additional 1 flavors to the already existing 3 flavors. That hasn’t slowed us down. We at diamond shruumz chocolate have been working hard on a collaboration with laughing gas. To produce and exclusive 5 new flavors. The new flavors include: Tremendous, Coco and white truffle. To conclude, the silly cybin team is always looking to provide our customers with a better experience and hence you should expect more flavors and merchandise from our team before the end of the year.


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