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Melmac mushroom is a special treat and a highly sought after strain amongst hardcore psychonauts. Melmac mushrooms have very strong potency and are known, and often referred to as the original penis envy mushrooms.

Users tend to experience shamanic experiences, vision quests and an intense mystical experience. This strain, like penis envy, is truly special for its (even more!) transformative experience.

Melmac Mushroom Wikipedia

Melmac mushroom strain is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms.

As for the mushroom strain’s origin, Melmac is a lab-bred variant of the famous Penis Envy mushroom. You might also find this strain named “Melmac Penis Envy” or “Homestead Penis Envy.”

There are even some stories floating around that melmac magic mushroom are closer to the original Penis Envy that was on the market in the 1970s than the Penis Envy cultivars sold today.

Regarding physical characteristics, Melmac mushrooms have a similar phallic shape and a strong psilocybin potency, like the more famous Penis Envy. What really distinguishes them from Penis Envy are their deep golden wavy caps and warped stems.

Melmac Strain Specs

Potency Above Average 💪
Cultivation Intermediate
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Suggested Substrate Brown Rice Flour + Vermiculite (BRF-Tek)

Melmac Mushroom Potency

If the lore surrounding the Melmac mushroom strain’s origins is true, then it should have a higher-than-average psilocybin content, just like the original Penis Envy strain. However, most experts speculate that the potency of a given mushroom strain depends more on the growing conditions than its genetic material alone.

Thanks to the efforts of the Oakland Hyphae and the Psilocybin Cup, there’s more information available now about the potencies of shroom strains sold by popular cultivars.

The Psilocybin Cup is an event where cultivators and psilocybin mushroom breeders can enter their shroom strains to compete for potency, appearance, and taste, attaining recognition and awards.

The Melmac strain has been entered into the Psilocybin Cup six times so far. The strongest submission to date was entered in the Spring 2022 competition by Chad’s Mycology NPB. This sample tested 1.45% total tryptamine levels (psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, and other tryptamine derivatives combined).

The average potency for this strain is much lower, at around 0.98%. This places it in the “above-average” category, which ranges from 1% to 1.8% of total tryptamines.

The average psilocybin levels of this strain are around 0.84%, and the average psilocin levels were just under 0.1%.


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