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What Are LSD Gel Tabs?

LSD gel tabs look like conventional LSD blotters, but instead of paper, they’re made of a thin LSD-infused gelatin square.

They look just like little pieces of Jell-O. Sometimes they’re colored or made to look more decorative with cut designs or gold flakes; other times, they’re manufactured with unique shapes and designs to make them stand out.

Gel tabs LSD contain a single dose of LSD. They’re used the same way as conventional blotter papers.

How Are Gel LSD Tabs Made?

LSD gel tabs are made by combining liquid LSD, gelatin, and water. Once mixed and allowed to set, the gelatin hardens slightly to form a gel. The entire square is then cut into individual doses.

The amount of LSD in a gel tab can vary greatly depending on how much liquid LSD is used to make the gel sheet and how large the squares are cut.

Gel tabs hold up to three times as much LSD as conventional blotter paper, but they usually contain somewhere between 100 and 200 mcg per tab.

How To Take Gel Tabs? 

The most common way people use  gel tabs LSD is to hold it under the tongue for about ten minutes and then swallow whatever is left.

Alternatively, you can just eat the tab as-is, but this may not provide as much efficiency with the dose as you’d get from holding the tab under your tongue.

LSD Gel Tabs vs. LSD Blotter Paper: What’s The Difference?

The only difference between gel tabs and LSD blotters (AKA “a tab of acid”) is that gel tabs use a gelatin base to contain the LSD, while blotters use a special kind of absorbent paper (called blotter paper).

Gel tabs are the new generation of LSD administration. They last longer in storage, can hold more LSD per 1/4 inch square and kicks in about 50% faster than conventional blotters.

Quick Comparison: LSD Blotters vs. LSD Gel Tabs

LSD Gel Tabs LSD Blotters
Cost $10 – $30 per tab $7 – $25 per tab
Potency Can hold up to 500 mcg LSD (Most often contains 100–200 mcg) Can hold up to 200 mcg (Most often contains 100–150 mcg)
Shelf-Life 3–6 years (maybe more) 1–3 years
Design LSD-infused gelatin Absorbant blotter paper soaked in LSD
Onset Time Effects begin within 15–30 minutes Effects begin within 30–60 minutes
Microdosing Easy to microdose by cutting into smaller pieces Easy to microdose by cutting into smaller pieces

What Are the Alternatives to LSD Gel Tabs? 

LSD is just one of many compounds in the lysergamide family of drugs. It’s the most popular, by far, but it isn’t even the most potent of the group.

As time goes on and more people are interested in using psychedelics for the purposes of self-growth, healing, and discovery, alternative options are becoming more common in the marketplace.

The best LSD alternatives include LSZ1P-LSDETH-LADAL-LADPRO-LAD, and ALD-52.

While it isn’t common to see them in gel tab form quite yet, we expect to see all of these compounds available in gel tabs in the coming years.

Wrapping Up: Are LSD Gel Tabs Safe?

LSD gel tabs are no more dangerous than blotter paper. In fact, they both contain the same active ingredient — LSD. The only difference is the vector used to deliver that LSD to the body.

Blotter paper and gel tabs will affect you in the same way, provided they’re dosed equally. Gel tabs and blotters can theoretically hold about three times as much LSD as blotters — but most manufacturers stick to the tried and true dose range of 100 – 150 mcg per square.

DOSE (mcg)

100 mcg, 150 mcg, 200mcg


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