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Trip on this–Polka Dot Mushroom Shots. Kick off your adventure with 4 grams of psilocybin in the form of a delicious shot. Easy to drink and guaranteed to take you to new heights, these shots take everything you love about ‘shooms and puts them into a liquid form. What’s not to love? Just dispense the flavor, drink it and go to the moon.

Polkadot Shot | Buy Polka Dot Shroom Shot Online

PolkaDot shot exceeds exceptions with our 2000mg psilocybin mind-bending infused shots. Intended for both advanced and novice users, these delectable fruit flavored shots allows you to relish the therapeutic benefits psilocybin has to offer with it’s consistent micro-dosing formula.

Polkadot Shots For Sale

If you’re worried about the taste associated with consuming dried mushrooms, then psilocybin shot drinks are perfect for you! Take a trip to the moon with our PolkaDot exquisite sour sugar-dusted fruit-flavored psilocybin shots. Like all of our brand’s products, we’ve crafted the perfect recipe for these euphoric goodies without the bitter and awful aftertaste of dried mushrooms. Unlike conventional dried mushroom’s you’ll find these easy on your tastebuds and tummy too. The essence of these shroom micro-dosed shot drink will have you feeling uplifted, illuminated, and cheerful.

Each bottle of polkadot mushroom shot contains  a total of 2000mg of psilocybin penis envy . Each shot is perfectly micro-dosed containing 2000mg of psilocybin. Ideal for precise and custom dosing… depending on the trip or microdose you want to have.

Polka dot mushroom shot For Sale

After consuming our polkadot shots, it takes about 30 minutes to start experiencing the hallucinogenic effects. Normally, the changes always starts with the eyes vision, then your environment and suddenly, you start feeling like time is changing. You’ll notice sparkles of shining lights opening up, giving you a strangely happy feeling, commonly known as the psychedelic trip.

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In relation to the substance psilocybin, the benefits of consuming our polkadot magic shots are as follows:

  • Our Polkadot shot serves as a natural remedy for people suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD.
  • People suffering with insomnia consumes this polka dot shroom shot to help them sleep deep.
  • They also serve as a great substitute for pain relieving drugs.
  • Our Polkadot shot provides a certain level of calmness and also relieves people from stress and tension.
  • Our Polkadot shot mushroom stimulates the growth of brain cells, increases focus, sharpens your senses.
  • Our Polka dot mushroom shots are an effective means of curing people who are suffering with tobacco and alcohol addictions.
  • In conclusion, the most notable effect is the mind altering effect you experience after consuming our polka dot magic belgian shots.



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