Crush Magic Mushies Gummies 5000MG Bag 10CT/500MG


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Crush Magic Mushroom Gummies are Vegan, Gluten Free, and Organic.  Each gummy is 500mg (10 pieces per bag / 5000mg total) and available in Blue Razz, Green Apple,  or Strawberry flavors.

Mushroom Gummies Near Me

Crush Shroom Company gummies do contain Amarita Muscaria. And it’s components (Muscimol, Mascarine, and Ibotenic Acid) which should never exceed 500mg per gummies.  But never contain Psilosybin keeping them legal in all states except Louisiana.

The benefits of mushroom gummies

Medicinal mushrooms are renowned for their immune-supporting properties, and gummies provide a convenient way to incorporate them into daily routines. With their high antioxidant content, mushroom gummies can aid in reducing oxidative stress and promoting cellular health.

Additionally, mushroom gummies are often rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, contributing to improved digestion and gut health. They also have the potential to reduce stress and promote a balanced mood.

To conclude, adding mushroom gummies to your daily routine is a popular way to enjoy mushroom supplements for optimal health. These gummies provide a delightful burst of flavor and unlock the natural benefits of medicinal mushrooms.


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