Hixotic Magic Mushrooms Gummies 2ct


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Hixotic Magic Mushrooms Gummies 2ct

Magic Mushrooms Gummies. Hixotic Next Level Magic Mushies 2ct use the same proprietary nanotized nootropic blend their 10ct magic mushies do but in a sample-size pouch! Mushroom Hixotic knows not everyone is ready to jump head-first into the magic mushies realm, so this product is for them!

Hixotic has used the same tasty flavors and all-natural nootropic blend to ensure users know what they are getting into before purchasing their larger bag. This blend does NOT contain any amanita muscaria extract, nor does it contain psilocybin.

Best Mushroom Gummies | Magic Mushrooms Gummies Review

These gummies are built around a proprietary blend of all-natural nootropics that mimic the feeling of micro-dosing psilocybin. These gummies stand out because the ingredients have gone through a process called nano-emulsion. This process makes the particles of the ingredients smaller so the body absorbs them more easily.

Hixotic Next Level gummies are formulated to hit users hard and fast! Users will experience feelings such as an increase in energy, euphoria, increased creativity, and even focus. Each gummy contains 2.5mg of this potent nanotized nootropic blend.

1-4mg is considered a microdose, 5-10mg is considered a low dose, and 10-20mg is considered a moderate to high dose. Whether users are beginners or experienced psychonauts, there is a dose threshold for everyone!

Product Features:

Available In A 2ct Pouch
Available In 3 Flavors
2.5mg Active Ingredients Per Gummy
Proprietary Mushroom And Nootropic Blend (Not Amanita Muscaria)
Does Not Contain Psilocybin, Psilocin, Or Hemp Derivatives
Increased Focus, Euphoria, And Creativity
1-4mg Is A Microdose, 5-10 Is A Low Dose, 10-20 Is Moderate To High Dose


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