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Deltiva Tryp Mushroom Gummies are an advanced blend of functional mushrooms balanced with a premium hemp extract. Each gummy is a blend of cordyceps. Lion’s mane, reishi, maitake, turkey tail mushrooms, and HHC! This blend offers an overall sense of well-being focus and lets the stress melt away with added HHC. Launching in 5 refreshingly juicy flavors to start! Take your pick of watermelon, green apple, mango, blue raspberry, or pineapple!

Is This Functional Mushroom Blend Good For Anxiety?

Many functional mushrooms also fall under the category of adaptogens. This blend, in particular, is excellent for both aiding in the relief of anxiety and the relief of stress. Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi mushrooms all have adaptogenic properties and may help reduce stress and anxiety’s harmful effects on the body. Not only will this blend aid with stress and anxiety, but it can also help relieve inflammation and is a great supplement to add to any health and wellness routine!

TRYP Mushroom Gummies Features:

  • Mushroom Blend Of Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Maitake, and Turkey Tail
  • HHC Distillate
  • Available in 2500mg and 6000mg options (per container which may be bag or jar )
  • 500mg Proprietary Blend Per Gummy

2500mg, 6000mg

10 reviews for Deltiva TRYP Mushroom Gummies

  1. Jackson

    I haven’t been using the product very long, but so far so good. Taste is good, I just wish they had less sugar. I think they may be working as far as clarity, but not just super noticeable yet. They are a very comfortable and manageable size gummies. I will most likely purchase again if nothing else just for the benefits mushrooms have. Either way so far I like them.

  2. kyle

    Overall health

    I feel like it’s helped with immunity but for brain fog, anti-aging and the others I can’t say that I’ve seen any improvements/changes. I have been taken them for about 6 months.

  3. Janny

    Good supplement

    I started taking these to help me focus and with stress. I’m on a subscription. Take 2 a day and must say it’s been a year now and I definitely see the effects of it. I recommend for people who have stressful lives.

  4. Sleepypup

    It’s not the best mushroom flavored product I’ve tried but it’s also not bad. Considering the health benefits that come from the ingredients, I really don’t mind that they’re not the best tasting gummy supplements I’ve ever tried. I’m happy to add these to my daily vitamin/ supplement intake.

  5. Mady

    it is the ideal supplement for humans especially ladies as they have to multi task and have scattered work and mind it helps to concentrate and relax plus it tastes like toffee. like it

  6. ChristineMM

    Excellent source of complex mushrooms

    I have been taking a powdered mushroom complex in my coffee every morning and I absolutely love the benefits from taking it. I am the only one who can drink it though because my kids and husband don’t like the taste of it in anything except gravy which I don’t make everyday. I am so excited that the huge benefits of mushroom complex is in a gummy form! Not only do these taste great, are packed with beneficial mushrooms, including cordyceps, shitake, turkey tail and more. It provides a whopping 250mg for EACH mushroom variety in one gummy. Fantastic! Great quality product! Will purchase again

  7. A Nurse

    So Far Amazing

    For a mushroom supplement, these gummies actually taste pretty good. They have a sweet strawberry flavor, something like strawberry preserves in terms of taste. Ever since I’ve started using them, I am pretty confident that they are helping me to wind down at the end of days where I’m not feeling terribly ready to sleep. I end up falling asleep easily and sleeping deeply. I’m not much of a dreamer unless I’m having a really good night’s sleep, and I’ve been experiencing more dreams since starting to take these gummies. If I’m more on the tired side, I take only 1 instead of the recommended 2. Because they’re gummies, they’re much easier to swallow/take than other supplements. I’m pretty happy about the value for money.

  8. Amber hurt

    Delicious and clean chew!

    I have taken mushrooms every day for years and really love this new way of getting them. I am not sure of how well this delivers the goods but it sure is a tasty approach! I usually prefer organic but if you are in the market for conventional these are a great option. They chew clean without sticking to my dental work or teeth.

    5 stars! A great option to get your mushrooms!

  9. Sarah Braegger

    Delicious taste!

    I was worried it would be too sweet but it tastes like raspberry herbal tea, very enjoyable. I feel the effects better near bedtime than in the morning.

  10. David A. Baer

    Delicious and healthy.

    These Mushroom Complex Gummies are delicious. They’re no different than chewing on a piece of fruity candy. They certainly include a lot of healthy varieties of mushroom, including types that are not that easy to find or prepare for eating. In my limited amount of research, I’ve learned to look for ‘extract’ and ‘fruiting bodies’ on the label, and this product is good to go on those two fronts. In summary, from what I do know, this product seems to contains ingredients in an effective form from the most healthful mushroom varieties.

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