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Each gummy contains 200mg 
20 gummies per box totaling 4g
Ingredients: Gelatin, Cane Sugar, Natural Flavor, Lions mane, Ashwagandha

MYND Mushroom Gummies For Sale

Our delicious Mynd Gummies comes in cherry flavor. Mynd gummies are formulated and intended for microdosing, if you are looking for a journey we recommend our mushroom gummies as the shroom gummy will better assist with the uptake of the mushrooms that is intended for increased mushroom dosage.\

mynd gummies review

Each gummy contains 200mg 
20 gummies per box totaling 4g
Ingredients: Gelatin, Cane Sugar, Natural Flavor, Lions mane, Ashwagandha

MYND Microdose Gummies

Each gummy has 250mg. 3g per box.

12 gummies per box

Can be used for both “micro” or “hero” dosing.

25 reviews for Mynd Mushroom Gummies

  1. Sean Ingram

    The effects are amazing, Excellent customer service, definitely be ordering the next time

  2. D B

    It’s ok. I use everyday but I think it gives headaches. But it’s good for me. I also take another sugar free one, both daily, just for one or so months. It’s not too much most days.


    Definitely recommend
    They don’t taste the best but they are definitely palatable which is perfectly ok with me. I have noticed deceased anxiety and I am falling asleep easier and sleeping harder. The first few days were harder to wake up which sucked but I think I just had been so exhausted and hadn’t slept that hard in a very long time lol and i went back to waking up at a decent time after a few days while still enjoying sleeping better. I’ve been giving my boys “11 and 9” one gummy a day before school and the two 11 year old actually seem to be having a decrease in anxiety and come home in a much better mood. I don’t notice any affect on the 9 year old but he’s also hyper active with no anxiety issues lol. But in a household where three out of 4 of us struggle with anxiety, this is certainly worth the money. I couple these gummies with mushroom coffee and I have less anxiety as well as more control over my emotions. My sad days are considerably less frequent and so are my days where I wish I could afford to crawl in a hole and hide so I didn’t have to interact with other humans lol. I have 3 of my other friends trying this and They all say that they have noticed a difference in their moods and anxiety levels (both male and female)

  4. Jill Robinson

    Mental Clarity
    These are amazing! They have helped me so much mentally, emotional, and in turn physically!

  5. lewis goa

    Just kidding, but these gummies do work. I can feel my brain fog lifting after taking two of these a day. There is a slight aftertaste but you can just wash that down with water.

  6. R Hover

    If you want mushroom gummies…

    There are more expensive brands out there for sure. These have a great price point and are identical to more expensive options. Taste great!

  7. Ruski


    These taste so good! I actually have been feeling less grouchy too!

  8. Yev

    These are fantastic! They really work!
    The whole family loves these. Been taking them for almost a month now and it seriously helps us stay focused, alert, and keeps the emotions more balanced. Great for kids too. We noticed a huge improvement in school related activities and being able to keep attention.

  9. Dana-Marie

    A very calm energy

    I was looking for a little extra energy to get thru my long days of work and caring for everyone in my home. I rarely sleep well or very long at all and im very sensitive to ANY caffeine and sugar. I also take Zyrtec d everyday to keep my asthma in check so caffeine makes my heart race to the point i feel faint. I’ve only used these a few days so far and even tho I’m still sleeping the same amount, i feel more energetic for longer periods of time. I’ve only been taking one a day since i wasn’t sure how I’d feel but i haven’t had any complaints and i think they even taste pretty good. I don’t not feel racy or jittery, and i feel I’ve been a little quicker at getting things done. My dad has been looking for something natural to help with his “chemo brain” and low energy. If these continue to make me feel this way I’ll be ordering another pack for him. So far so good.

  10. Rainni

    Vital Shrooms I love It!

    I am not much of a taker of anything but 800mg of ibuprofen when needed before or after a hike, gardening or moving things I shouldn’t. Since hearing great things about enhanced benefits of vitamins derived from mushrooms (which I love) how could I pass the opportunity to investigate Purify Life for myself.

    It’s been a month and I have had 2 a day (think chocolate and rasberryish) not very sweet which also works for me. I continue to sleep well, have an extra healthy appetite, good overall health and energy too!

    What I have noticed is an increase in FOCUS and now I can comfortably study (new language) 6 hours a day or more if I like using 90 minute segmenting which is a decent ultradian rhythm for me. I am writing more with better results than the previous 2 months when I started my writing journey. I am able to communicate in my new language effortlessly, retaining new concepts and recalling my work; demonstrating to me that my cognition tools are Spot On. I will keep writing, producing work and journaling my experience with Purify Life’s World’s First Mushroom Complex Gummies

  11. dewitt

    Those gummies work. I ate 7 out of 15 and tripped pretty good. Felt like a mushroom trip

  12. Morgan

    I haven’t been using the product very long, but so far so good. Taste is good, I just wish they had less sugar. I think they may be working as far as clarity, but not just super noticeable yet. They are a very comfortable and manageable size gummies. I will most likely purchase again if nothing else just for the benefits mushrooms have. Either way so far I like them.

  13. JAM

    Overall health
    I feel like it’s helped with immunity but for brain fog, anti-aging and the others I can’t say that I’ve seen any improvements/changes. I have been taken them for about 6 months.

  14. jackie cassar

    An amazing product and for a great price. Can’t beat the benefits on top of that! Would definitely recommend to family and friends!

  15. Kent Vanattia

    Great product. Got these for my wife. She loves them. Will definitely buy again.

  16. julie lavallee

    The mushroom gummies are incredible. They make you feel extremely focused, it’s better than caffeine and has no negative effects. Great for your brain health, these gummies pack all the mushrooms into tasty gummies. Take 2 in the morning and you will feel dialed in in less than an hour.

  17. LindseyD

    I bought these because I originally tried the auri ones and now they are double the price. I actually like these better! A better substitute!

  18. Joy Potts

    Quite tasty, The order came quickly and they even threw a couple extra packs in there for me to try. Will be ordering again soon.

  19. kylie

    These gummies make me tweak and see tribal patterns when i look in the mirror sometimes

  20. Bruce

    Great price and value on this mushroom supplement. I had looked elsewhere anfter doing research and learning the benefits of mushroom supplementation and everyone wanted to charge way too much. Gummies are convenient and easy to take.

  21. Joy

    Taste is great! Only a few days in..

    Taste is great. I was skeptical because of the reviews but both me and my my husband love them. Only a few days in so no changes noticed yet. I’ll update once I finish my bottle.

  22. Gary Keener

    Ran out last month and could really feel the difference.

    I’ve been using this product for about a year and at first I thought I could tell a big improvement in my memory and focus, but after awhile I kinda get acustom to that level of improvment and it became normal. I ran out last month for the first time since I started taking these mushroom gummies and soon after I’m standing in a room thinking “why did i come in here?” … I had not had that experience in a while and I told ny wife that I could really notice a difference since I had stopped the gummies. She said she wanted try them. So i reorderd and got 2 packs this time so she could have her own. Last night, after coming home from work and only after a couple of days of taking them she told me that she really liked them and said her focus at work was noticably better (she has a technical job). My only minor complaint (and that might be too strong of a word) is the flavor … not that it’s that bad, but just a little earthy for me… That being said I highly recommend this product.

  23. Adam R

    Actually super tasty. I am all on board with these. I wish all supplements could be this flavorful.

  24. Cathy Mayer

    I have trouble staying focused on schoolwork so I decided to try out these mushroom gummies. I had to take it for about 4 days straight for me to feel the effects of it. It 100% improves focus and mental clarity. It also balances my mood; no mood changes, and it tastes good which is a plus

  25. Johnny

    Delivered on time. ORDERED the before. Enjoy taking them ,whole family takes them.

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