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Shroom Tea Dosage

Magic Mushroom Tea. MICRO TIN – Each micro tin contains 9 tea bags. Each bag has .35G of our active ingredients combined with a proprietary blend of teas selected to provide a synergistic experience with the mushrooms.

MACRO TIN – Each macro tin contains 5 tea bags. Each bag has 1.2G of our active ingredient combined with our proprietary blend of teas.

Brewing Magic Mushroom Tea

We recommend that the tea is brewed at 150 F for 5 minutes. A stronger effect can be created by adding a squeeze of lemon while brewing.

Dosing schedule
We recommend a one day on and one day off schedule but some will find that their body needs more time to recalibrate between doses. Try moving to every third day if you find the effect to reduce over time.

Organic Blends
Our proprietary blends are formulated to provide calm energy, and focus along with increased creativity to balance your body, mind, and spirit in easy to brew traditional single serving tea bags. One of our micro dosed bags is perfect for ongoing use to increase brain connectivity and help with all aspects of your mental well being. Our Macro dose is intended to be shared with friends or for use to create a deeper experience.

Making shroom tea

Furthermore, some people prefer consuming shrooms as tea because it allows easier consumption than chewing them. Psilocybin is water soluble, so tea transmits shrooms’ effects. Online brands are selling mushroom products such as magic mushroom grow kits, dried magic mushrooms, and magic mushroom tea ready to brew.

If you’re interested in making a shroom tea, here is a recipe from a company selling shrooms products:


  • Dried psilocybin-containing mushrooms
  • Water
  • Tea bags
  • Honey or lemon (optional)


  • Grind the dried mushrooms into a fine powder with a grinder.
  • Boil enough water to cover the mushrooms.
  • Add the ground mushrooms to the boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. You can add tea bags of your choice to improve the flavor.
  • After 20 minutes, strain the tea through a coffee filter to remove the mushroom particles.
  • Add honey or lemon to taste, if you like.

Before drinking shroom tea

Before drinking shroom tea, you should be aware of:

  • The dosage. The exact dosage of fresh shrooms weighs 10 times more than dried shrooms. That’s why the same amount of dried shrooms will show more potent effects than fresh shrooms. It’s recommended to start with a low dose.
  • The potency. It’s important to note that the strength of shroom tea can vary depending on several factors, including the type of mushrooms used, the amount used, and how long they are boiled for.
  • Safety. Only consume shroom tea in a safe and controlled environment, under the guidance of a trained professional.

Magic Mushroom Tea Benefits | Potential Benefits Of Using Psilocybin-containing Mushrooms

Furthermore, recent studies and growing public interest have sparked the debate over the potential benefits of psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

To conclude, Limited research showed the potential benefits of psilocybin-containing mushrooms in treating mental health diseases such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. A meta-analysis concluded that psilocybin can help manage depression and anxiety in people with life-threatening illnesses.


Micro Tin 3.25g total, Macro Tin 6g total


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