Funguy Gummy Bears – (1000MG-3000MG)

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  • 1000mg – 250mg x 4 pieces
  • 3000mg – 750mg x 4 pieces

Funguy Gummies | Magic Mushrooms Gummies For Sale

FunGuy Gummies are made from the extracts of premium grown Cubensis. These delicious mushroom gummies gummies are easy on the stomach and taste-buds while enjoying the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms! 1 or more piece creates a more strong visual and sound experience, high laughter, and slightly aphrodisiac. For experienced psychonauts.

Recommended dosage

Consume this psilocybin mushroom gummies on an empty stomach. To microdose for higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved relational skills, take 250mg to 500mg. For a full psychedelic experience, take 1000mg or more. funguy mushroom gummies.


  • 1000mg – 250mg x 4 pieces
  • 3000mg – 750mg x 4 pieces

8 reviews for Funguy Gummy Bears – (1000MG-3000MG)

  1. Ron

    Tasty. The do seem to help with BMs. The other clams are a bit dubious.

  2. Brittaney Hoover

    Worth every penny!

    I’ve been taking these gummies everyday for a month now and they have done wonders for my mood! I have more energy throughout the day and they have done wonders for my

  3. Richard Lindemanis

    Suprisingly amazing taste for the benefits

    Okay so I was honestly a bit skeptical of these after seeing a bunch of videos online and having some friends recommend it. I’ve tried a lot of mushroom products and it’s hard to tell if the benefits actually work, but with this I can actually feel a noticeable increase in my energy throughout the day. It’s almost like having a low dose of caffeine at all times without any of the jitters or any sort of crash. I would say the only downside is that I’ve been through two bags and would be nice if they had some other flavors.

  4. kevin

    Amazing results

    I got this product for my wife. She suffers from generalized anxiety. Shes had amazing results since her first day of taking them. Thank you!

  5. Jodi

    Great product.

    Tastes great, and I see an increase in focus. I just started taking them but will keep taking them.

  6. Federico

    Quality and delivery

    Great product and timely delivery.

  7. Grace E.

    Don’t Hesistate!

    Great product that actually is effective for energy, mood, clear thinking and sleep. I truly enjoyed this product. Great value compared to other supplements based on its effectiveness!

  8. E.Busta

    Nice gummies

    I guess it’s doing something I seem more focused

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