Portal DMT Vape Cartridge – N,N DMT – .5ml


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Portal DMT vape cart: To begin, we are proud to introduce PORTAL our Premium DMT Vape cartridge. Firstly, DMT is a hallucinogenic that is considered to be the gold standard of all psychedelics. Secondly, this vessel was created to experience nature’s spirit molecule with ease. A proper DMT session with a breakthrough can leave one with life changing insights. The spirit molecule can be conveniently accessed by anybody with a 510 thread battery. Furthermore, after many hours of rigorous testing and ensuring we only use the safest and highest quality ingredients, we are proud to release to the world our proprietary formulation that will guarantee a seamless breakthrough experience to new realms. Are you ready to enter the PORTAL?

HOW TO USE Portal DMT vape cart:

1. Attach to 510 threaded battery, preferably with high voltage option.

2. Shake the cartridge before each use.

3.Inhale slow and consistently to create a dense/thick vapor.

4. It may take 1-3 attempts to achieve break through


Please do your own research before experimenting with DMT.

A DMT vape pen patent. On February 1, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a new patent, submitted by Gregory Ellis of Portland, OR, for a DMT vape pen.

In a Twitter thread, psychedelics patent expert Graham Pechenik asked what many in the psychedelics world are wondering: did the designs for a portal DMT vape cart already exist out in the world before Ellis filed his provisional application? To conclude in reply to Pechenik’s thread, some say they’ve made their own DMT vape pens; VICE even reported on the phenomenon back in 2018.


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