CBDfx Focus Mushroom Blend CBD + CBG Drops


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CBDfx Focus Mushroom Blend CBD + CBG Drops offers a blend of the natural goodness of famous wellness compounds.

This tincture is a perfect supplement to get energy, relieve stress, boost immunity, experience nootropic effects, and enjoy the enhanced focus.

Each serving gives you 2.5mg of CBG; it helps you enhance pleasure and motivation while regulating appetite and sleep.

These tincture drops by CBDfx are possibly the best wellness supplement available on the market.


CBDfx Focus Mushroom Blend CBD + CBG Drops

CBDfx Focus Mushroom Blend CBD + CBG Drops are the perfect way to banish brain fog and get your day started!

Why CBDfx Focus Mushroom Blend CBD + CBG Drops?

These drops deliver daily energy and focus, and they are perfect for users who value immune and wellness benefits. A great addition to your morning routine; alternatively, you can use them when you need an energy boost to keep yourself going.

Benefits of these CBD blended drops

  • Wellness-

These CBD blended mushroom drops contain the natural goodness of several organic ingredients that help the body maintain the balance between different organs and systems. From mood elevation to sleep improvement, these drops offer numerous beneficial effects great for your overall wellness.

  • Energy and focus

The blend of cordyceps mushrooms and CBD give you a much-needed energy boost while calming your brain to improve your focus. You would love the effects that result from the complementary properties of CBD and mushrooms.

  • Immunity-

CBDfx has done a great job by combining the Chaga mushrooms with CBD – two great immunity-enhancing natural compounds. Chaga mushrooms, used as immunity boosters for centuries, when blended with CBD that boasts anti-inflammatory properties, the users get the best natural immunity booster.

  • Reduction in Stress-

The adaptogenic properties of Lion’s mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga mushrooms provide an exceptional natural stress-relieving remedy.

What makes these tinctures the best?

CBDfx is a reputed brand in the hemp space known for the quality and potency of its products. They use an expensive CO2 extraction method to extract CBD oil from organically grown hemp. Moreover, their mushrooms are also organically grown. It means their CBD mushroom oil boasts a high quality and unmatched purity.

You can rest assured these tinctures are the most potent, the highest quality products available in the market.

What’s The Deal With Mushrooms Anyways?

  • Lions Mane Mushrooms-

Lino’s Mane has traditionally been known for its adaptogenic effects. It possesses an incredible potential to relieve stress and inflammation, many users simply love this mushroom for its nootropic effects.

  • Chaga Mushrooms-

Chaga mushrooms are famous for their tremendous immunity-boosting effects. For centuries, these mushrooms have been part of natural immunity-enhancing regimens. They are equally effective today; CBDfx extracted their goodness, blended it with other natural ingredients, and packed it in a bottle to offer incredible effects for health and wellness.

  • Cordyceps Mushrooms-

Cordyceps mushrooms not only act as a natural stress remedy but they possess several nootropic effects. These mushrooms provide an exceptional energy boost to the body and positively affects the nervous system. This incredible potential to affect the body and brain has made it a popular energy and nootropic supplement. It is perfect for athletes to relieve their stress and address the body’s routine wear and tear.

The Power Of Adaptogenic And Nootropic Mushrooms

Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Mushrooms! People seem to catch on to the health benefits of our favorite mushrooms. Mushrooms are used for medicinal purposes for centuries, well before we started topping our pizzas and salads with delicious fungi.

The recent popularity of mushrooms can be attributed to the growing awareness of their wellness benefits.

  • Adaptogens-

The term “adaptogen” a term coined by a Russian chemist – Nikolai Lazarev shortly after World War II. The adaptogenic compounds are natural substances that enhance the body’s ability to cope with stress.

The researchers have found various mushrooms including cordyceps, chaga, lion’s mane, reishi, maitake, and turkey tail boast incredible adaptogenic potential.

  • Nootropics-

Nootropics are medications or supplements that are thought to benefit the brain and nervous system. They affect executive functioning, creativity, memory, and energy/motivation. Lion’s mane is an extremely potent nootropic, arguably the most potent of any fungus in this category. Cordyceps and chaga with the potential to produce a positive effect on the neurological system are effective nootropic mushrooms.

Product Features:

  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • 2.5mg of CBG per serving
  • Cordyceps for energy
  • Lion’s mane for stress
  • Chaga for immunity
  • Organic, non-GMO & vegan
  • ND-THC***

Suggested Use:

Shake well before use. Place one full dropper (1mL) under the tongue and hold for one minute before swallowing.

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