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Why ImmunityPack

Supports Respiratory Health

A daily respiratory and lung health support supplement designed to help minimize coughs, clear mucus, and enhance your airways so you can breathe easier

Maintains a Healthy Immune Response

BetterLungs and BetterMushrooms ingredients are tested and works to enahance the body immune system.

Supports Gut Health

A blend of 10 functional mushrooms in this supplement provide a wide range of support for your gut health and metabolism.

Elevates Energy and Focus

BetterMushrooms includes ingredient such as Lion’s Mane which is proven by studies that it results in improved focus, memory and cognitive function if consumed daily.

Doctor Formulated

All ingredients are carefully researched and selected by a PharmD with based on scientific backing and evidence based research studies.

Designed For Everyone

ImmunityPack from Betterbrand was designed with everyone in mind. Whether you’re trying to train harder, go farther, or maintain a healthy immune system, it’s for you.

Just The Good Stuff

Natural, highly absorbable and quick impact ingredients,nothing else.No fillers or junk gurantee.


Helps to clear mucus*

Enhance airway & lung health to breathe easy*

Supports gut health and metabolism*

Elevates energy and focus*


Each jar of BetterLungs contains 60 easy-to-swallow, tasteless capsules. Take 2 capsules daily for a healthy boost of lung support.

Each jar of BetterMushrooms contains 60 delicious raspberry smell and flavor gummies. Take 2 gummies daily for a healthy boost to your body and mind.

6 reviews for betterbrand mushroom gummies- ImmunityPack

  1. Gary Keener

    Ran out last month and could really feel the difference.

    I’ve been using this product for about a year and at first I thought I could tell a big improvement in my memory and focus, but after awhile I kinda get acustom to that level of improvement and it became normal. I ran out last month for the first time since I started taking these mushroom gummies and soon after I’m standing in a room thinking “why did i come in here?” … I had not had that experience in a while and I told my wife that I could really notice a difference since I had stopped the gummies. She said she wanted try them. So i reordered and got 2 bottles this time so she could have her own. Last night, after coming home from work and only after a couple of days of taking them she told me that she really liked them and said her focus at work was noticably better (she has a technical job). My only minor complaint (and that might be too strong of a word) is the flavor … not that it’s that bad, but just a little earthy for me… That being said I highly recommend this product.

  2. Tracee

    I recently came across these gummies while looking for lions mane mushroom supplements, and now they’ve become a consistent part of my daily routine

    The flavor is pretty good, it’s not overly sweet, or bitter. and i’ve noticed an improvement in mental clarity and focus since taking these gummies. my productivity has increased after only taking them for a couple of days too.

    In terms of energy, these gummies provide a subtle and sustained boost throughout the day. There are no noticeable side effects or crashes, which i really

  3. B. Daniel Sadler

    Good product with a great taste

    The product helped my focus from day to day. The taste was also amazing.

  4. Jamaal

    Great stuff gives me energy but keeps me calm and focused also noticing I haven’t gotten sick and I catch everything

  5. Archie

    It’s ok. I use everyday but I think it gives headaches. But it’s good for me. I also take another sugar free one, both daily, just for one or so months. It’s not too much most days.

  6. Alica

    I’m only giving these 4 stars because they taste horrible. I have to mix them with other gummies at the same time to not taste them as much! They really work with energy and focus. If they do what they say it shouldn’t matter what they taste like

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