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B+ Mushroom | Magic Mushroom To Buy

Legend has it that the B+ mushroom was first cultivated by a mycologist going by the alias of “Mr. G”. The story begins when Mr. G discovered mushrooms in the wild, which he then collected to bring back to his lab where he started to grow and cultivate them. After some generations of cultivation, he discovered a batch where the mycelium growth was rapid and the fruits were large and in abundance. This is the batch where Mr. G made spore prints and sent them off to other psychedelic mushroom cultivators with the name B+.

Although the story is less than reliable, what is reliable is the B+ strain itself.

Cultivating B Plus Mushrooms

The B+ mushroom strain has been at the top of the popularity list of psilocybe cubensis’ since the 1990s. Its popularity is not only focused on its psychedelic effects, but also its cultivation benefits. The B+ shroom is still one of the most cultivated psilocybe cubensis strains today because of it’s advantageous properties.

The b plus mushroom can grow in almost any given substrate, but to get the most of the strain, using our in-house optimized mushroom substrate can assist the strain in reaching its full potential. While the best environment for the b mushrooms is a sub-tropical climate, it has the capabilities to still grow in suboptimal conditions. All of these attributes of the B+ psychedelic mushroom strain has made it world renowned to be very forgiving of beginner mistakes.

During the colonization of rye berries or whole oats, B+ mushroom spores will be able to germinate the best between 28-30°C. However, during the fruiting stage, the B+ strain’s optimal temperature is between 23-26°C.

B+ Magic Mushroom Strain Appearance 

Not only is the B+ magic mushroom strain renowned for its beginner-friendly growth aspects, but also renowned for being a heavy yielding strain. The size of B+ magic mushrooms is generally medium-large, but are known to exceed expectations. With fairly large stems and remarkably wide caps, B+ mushrooms are a sight to behold.

The stems of a B+ psychedelic mushroom are often quite long and are off-white in color.  Through harvesting, handling and transportation, bruising of the stem may occur, which will result in some discoloration. The bruising does not affect the psilocybin content or taste of the mushroom, but could leave bluish or greenish hues on the stems.

The crowning physical feature of the b+ magic mushrooms is undoubtedly it’s bulbous cap. The colors of the caps can vary, depending on growing conditions.

B+ Mushrooms Effects

The b+ magic mushrooms is perfect for someone looking for a light trip, since the strain has a considerably lower concentration of psilocybin relative to other psilocybe cubensis. The lower level of psilocybin provides users with a more mild and friendly experience.

The most widely agreed on effect of the b+ cubensis mushroom is the warm feeling that this particular strain provides to the users. This warm feeling is accompanied by feelings of positivity, warm visuals, enhanced mood, body high and a sense of euphoria that does not completely detach a user from reality.

Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms B Plus Mushroom 

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