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The white rabbit mushrooms variety is a hybrid of the Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick varieties. Albino Penis Envy is renowned as one of the most potent Psilocybe cubensis mushroom varieties in existence. While Moby Dick (a hybrid between Golden Teacher and A+) is known for its ease-of-cultivation, and excellent yields.

White Rabbit Mushroom Review

The White Rabbit Mushroom strain first appeared in Holland, and was bred by a group of cultivators. Who specialize in the development of new magic mushroom varieties. White Rabbit mushroom is a quite stable genetic (even from spore) and retains some of the most desired qualities of each of its genealogical parents. Such as increased potency, beautiful pallid coloration, and above-average yields (for a variety with Pe genetics). Spores Lab has further increased the strength of our White Rabbit cultures. And this genetic now boasts fast colonization, high-potency, great yield, resistance to contamination, and exceptional ‘bag appeal’.

White Rabbit Mushroom Reddit

Unfortunately it is difficult to find feedback online in regards to the experience elicited by consuming White Rabbit mushrooms. But from personal experience we can confidently state that this genetic is well above-average potency, and offers a distinctly more visual experience than many other strains.

White Rabbit Mushrooms Review

Aesthetically, white rabbit magic mushrooms strain typically produces short and fat mushrooms, with thick, dense stems and large pale white caps, often split at the margins. Sporulation is moderate, and spores are purple brown (making this technically a leucystic strain, not a true albino)(hence the name “white” instead of “albino”).

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Magic mushrooms (species of fungi that contain the psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin) have been around for millennia. But are growing in popularity among the general public.

The laws surrounding these small, hallucinogenic fungi are gradually improving. But they remain banned in most parts of the world. Despite the fact that you can find them growing naturally in most city parks.

Although these mushrooms remain illegal in Canada, law enforcement appears to be turning a blind eye to shops selling them.

If you live in Vancouver, you can check out one of the many retail mushroom and psychedelics shops open around the city.




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