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The Candy Cap Mushroom (Lactarius rubidus) has a unique taste among mushrooms. When dried, the Candy Cap has a sweet maple syrup aroma. Candy caps mushroom have a mildly sweet flavor and are used chopped or powdered to flavor deserts. They are often served with smoked meats as they have a flavor that makes a nice counterpoint.

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Candy cap mushrooms are usually small and burnt orange in color. They are edible wild mushrooms that are most commonly used by chefs to flavor dessert items. When fresh, the aroma of candy caps is quite faint, but when dried, the aroma is extremely strong and smells identical to that of maple syrup. The perfume of dried candy caps is extremely strong and can linger for days at a time.

 Dried Candy Cap Mushrooms

Candy Caps, a member of the Milk Cap family, have a unique maple aroma when they are dried. Just a few dry Candy Caps, left out in the kitchen, will make the room smell like maple syrup. Dried Candy Caps are a beautiful addition to pancakes, waffles, cookies, flan, ice cream, and cheesecake. They pair particularly well with pecans and other nuts. Once you start experimenting with this unique, unmistakable flavor, you’ll want to put it into everything. We suggest pumpkin pie.

Far West Fungi creates this line of dried mushrooms by air-drying a select portion of its fresh organic and wild foraged mushrooms. All drying is done in-house at our own commercial kitchen, where great care is taken to preserve the natural essence of the mushroom.  The result is a powerful, concentrated mushroom product, free from sodium, preservatives, or any other additive. It’s simple and pure: mushroom essence and nothing else.

Candy cap mushroom benefits

There are many species of edible mushrooms that lend themselves to savory dishes, but very few that are used to flavor desserts like the “Candy Cap.” One of the many marvels of mushrooms is that they have so many distinctive fragrances, and the candy cap has one of the sweeter ones: that of maple syrup. This fragrance is faint when the mushroom is fresh in the field, but a slow drying indoors will produce a strong and heady fragrance, powerful enough to perfume an entire room for a year. This fragrance is imparted to foods when used in cooking, and dried mushrooms are often powdered to flavor desserts, or soaked, chopped and cooked to flavor cookies. They also make a delicious counterpoint to savory dishes, especially those using smoked meats.

Candy Cap Mushroom Where To Buy

The Lactarius rubidus or “Candy Cap Mushroom” is a very different
mushroom because of its unique almost sweet flavor. Wild
harvested, non-gmo & chemical free.

To Reconstitute: Thoroughly rinse mushrooms and soak in 8 ounces
of liquid per 1 ounce mushrooms for 20 minutes. You can also soak
in milk in the refridgerator for up to 8 hours. Strain mushrooms.
To store reconstituted mushrooms, keep in an air-tight container
in a dry, cool place.



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